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ENGR00286342 (The Target Task (Flash file to Target) does not program S19 files into MC13237)

Question asked by Mark Donkers on Mar 2, 2017

I'm reviewing the release notes for Codewarrior for MCUs v10.6 and there is, what seems to be, an important note about the MC13237, which I don't understand. See the cut & paste below.


I searched through Codewarrior and cannot find the "Flash File to Target" dialog. Can someone get me to this first step?





Description: The Target Task (Flash file to Target) does not into MC13237.
Workaround: The default "Flash File to Target" task can be remove restricted areas. The following actions are required:


- Select "Save as Target Task" in the “Flash File to Target” dialog
- Specify task name
- Perform Erase and Program
- In the dialog “Save Resource” specify the path
- Open the Target Tasks tab
- Select the saved task
- Select “Edit task Configuration” from local menu
- Double click on Erase and Program operations in the list of Flash Programmer actions
- “Add Program/Verify Action” dialog will open
- Uncheck "Restrict to Addresses in this Range"
- Close dialog with “Update Program Action” button.
Now use this task to flash the S19 files into MC13237