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How to use the ENET_REF_CLK for imx6dl?

Question asked by wenming Feng on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by wenming Feng

Hello imx6 expertise,


we used ksz8863 siwth port 3 connect to imx6dl mac with RMII interface, but I can not make it working. 

the  ENET_REF_CLK we used is mentioned in another thread KSZ8863 Phy 1 not found on u-boot 


But on IMX6SDLRM.pdf, page 1066 table 23-1 

It shows ENET_REF_CLK should use GPIO_16 for RMII mode, Use ENET_TX_CLK for MII mode.

please confirm can I use ENET_TX_CLK as reference 50M clk input to imx6 as RMII mode or the GPIO_16 is the only way right for RMII mode?