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How to flash u-boot.bin to NAND Flash on IMX6Q_SabreAI board.

Question asked by Chaman Saurav on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by Chaman Saurav

I tried Nand write command of u-boot to flash u-boot image on the NAND chip.

But, it did not work.

I am looking for MFG_tool which can flash u-boot.bin to NAND.

In the document i.MX 6Dual/6Quad SABRE-AI Linux User's Guide it says to use Mfgtools-Rel-4.0.0_130424_MX6Q_UPDATER.tar.gz.

My question is where can i download this Mfgtools-Rel-4.0.0_130424_MX6Q_UPDATER.tar.gz.

Or any MfgTool can be used to download boot images on this board.