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How can I compile a minimal image for the imx6dqscm-1gb-qwks board?

Question asked by Matthew Bach on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 7, 2017 by Matthew Bach

I've installed yocto and all required dependencies on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS build.


I walked through the setup instructions for the fsl-community-bsp.


imx6dqscm-1gb-qwks source -b build-fsl-arm-yocto

bitbake core-image-minimal


I don't want / need the gui based distro's that are offered on the Freescale bsp for this board. Is there some way to get a core-image-minimal built for this board. Every time I set the distro I want, it still revers to the x11 / qt5 / wayland distro's anyways.


Is there an easy way to add just the layer I need? I believe this layer would work:

GitHub - juan-gutierrez/meta-nxp-imx-scm: SCM Yocto Meta layer 


But how do I add that layer to either the FSL-Community source or the Freescale provided source?


Is there no official support for the SCM line? There's a disturbing lack of documentation online about this chipset.