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IMX6Q with ADV7481 video quality issue

Question asked by King Liu on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2020 by yiwen hb

We have a customer  who use the IMX6Q and ADV7481 as a video transformation product .
Please refer to the picture below for the block diagram .

Right now the customer already develop their product , and verify the all function .
But there is something performance issue need to improve .
The customer ‘s test condition is that :
PC computer output the 1080p30hz video signal to the ADV7481 , then IMX6Q CSI module capture the video signal and send it out to a HDMI monitor with any video compressing and recording .
We use the linux V4L2 application which released by NXP to capture the video signal .
IMX6 just act as retransmission function . But now the video signal in the HDMI monitor is not good . Sometimes there is some while line flickering on the picture .

I have uploaded the video in the FTP below :


Can somebody give me any suggestion ?

Thanks .