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Debug problems with 3.2 update

Question asked by David Sherman on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Kevin Perreault

Seeing a couple of problems with KDS 3.2, FreeRTOS, and a KE18.  I had KDS do a recent update, and I see a few things.  I see that the debugger is now aware of FreeRTOS threads, which is nice, but I'm experiencing a problem with breakpoints.  I'll stick a breakpoint in, and it will stop in the FreeRTOS idle task instead (as an example).  How do I get rid of these "phantom" breakpoints?


Another problem which is a bit more annoying is I can't restart the debugger without relaunching.  If I pause and try to restart without terminating, it crashes.  If I try to stop the debugger at that point,  I get a screen saying that arm-none-eabi-gdb has stopped working, and I have to bring up task manager to kill off the pegdbserver_console.exe in order to relaunch completely.  How do I get it so I can just reboot again?


I'm using a P&E Multilink Universal FX .