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Getting a chosen Receiver to receive data from the Xtrinsic MPXy8700 Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor

Question asked by Louis Baertschiger on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Louis Baertschiger
Our receiver ist a RXM-433-KH3 from Linx technologies (I have put the datasheet as an attachment to this email). We ve made sure that the frequencies (433Mhz) are correct, and that it can receive RF signals.
After hooking the receiver up on a power source, neither were we able to get a confirmation that it does recognize something in the said frequency, nor can we receive any data (the data output being the same signal regardless if a frequency was available or not).
I ve got a few questions now concerning our problem:
- Is it possible to receive the data with our chosen receiver?
- Is it possible to find out the adress of the
- And finally, if our chosen receiver doesnt work. Could you give us a suggestion for a receiver which works with the MPXy8700?
I would really appreciate your response, and thank you in advance.