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android6.0 support camera flash in hal

Question asked by guang yang on Mar 1, 2017

I use the android6.0 system, the current debugging mipi camera ov5640 flash, but open the camera application, there is  no flash options. How to open this option, such as flash on, flash off ,etc.When I use android4.3,I added the following code in the HAL layer, "      uint8_t flashAvailable = 1;   ADD_OR_SIZE(ANDROID_FLASH_INFO_AVAILABLE, &flashAvailable, 1); " camera flash option will appear in camera application auto.when i use android6.0, I also use Android4.3 method, but open the camera application ,there is not camera flash option, I would like to ask how to modify the Android6.0 HAL layer to let it support the flash option by default?