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Operating voltage range of VDD_xxx_CAP

Question asked by Takayuki Ishii on Mar 1, 2017
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Datasheet of each i.MX6 has an Absolute Maximum Ratings for each VDD_xxx_CAP signal.

But it has no operating range for it. Only minimal value is in comment of each VDD_xxx_IN.


  •  LDO Output Set Point (VDD_ARM_CAP) = 1.225 V minimum for operation up to 996MHz.
  • LDO Output Set Point (VDD_ARM_CAP) = 1.150 V minimum for operation up to 792MHz.
  • LDO Output Set Point (VDD_ARM_CAP) = 1.125 V minimum for operation up to 396MHz.
  • VPU ≤ 328 MHz, VDD_SOC and VDD_PU LDO outputs (VDD_SOC_CAP and VDD_PU_CAP) = 1.225 V6 maximum and 1.15 V minimum.


The other hands, another documents and community comment has a different value for VDD_xxx_CAP.

Question, LDO setting of i.MX6SoloLite 


Which is a correct answer of the operating range for VDD_xxx_CAP?


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