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LS2088 LRDIMM configuarion support in U-boot.

Question asked by Vidya Sagar on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Bulat Karymov

Dear All,


This is regarding the DDR4 Memory Controller request to clarification W.R.T same, As per datasheet & RM of LS2088 Chip It supports Unbuffered and Registered DIMMs but we are planning to use Concept of LRDIMM in which RCD and Data buffer (DB) will be mounted  onboard  in order to meet Thermal and SI requirements of the design ,Kindly confirm whether LS2088 supports LRDIMM Concept.


I have gone through the ls2080ardb u-boot source code seeing LRDIMM is configured in the two files.


1). include/ddr_spd.h and driver/ddr/fsl/interactive.c.


2). If we use LRDIMM for ls2088 processor then any major modification is required in LRDIMM controller ?