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MC56F8335 program flash size

Discussion created by Ulrich Neumayer on Feb 28, 2017
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i have a question about the MC56F8335 program flash size. The technical data sheet:



* Table 4-1: Program Flash 64kB

* Table 4-4: Internal Program Flash 64kB from P:0x00 0000 to P:0x00 7FFF

I think this is wrong! The right program flash size must be 128kB (from P:0x00 0000 to P:0x 00 FFFF)

Only figure 4-1 shows the wright adress-area (P:0x00 0000 to P:0x00 FFFF) with flash configure field at P:0x00 FFF7 to P:0x00 FFFF. The text in figure 4-1 "64kB" is wrong!


I ordered an MC56F8335 and thougt the program flash size is 64kB. Then i erased the program flash and wrote the configure field at P:0x00 7FF7 to P:0x00 7FFF without securing the flash and without setting the protection-bits and i wondered that the DSP-Code itselfe cannot program the data flash. This is because the flash size is 128kB and the Configure field is at P:0x00 FFF7 to P:0x00 FFFF and after erasing the flash the protection-bits in the configure field are all set. So the flash is protected.

Is this correct?


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