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Stereo audio in using i.MX6UL and Android Things

Question asked by Koenraad Verheyden on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by jamesbone

We would like to implement an audio processing library on Android Things. For improved performance we want to use two microphones / audio inputs.

The two official Android Things development boards both feature the SGTL5000, which has stereo line in.


The Pico i.MX6UL (which I was trying out already) unfortunately does not have the line in wired to a physical jack. The Android Things framework also does not seem to recognize the line in input: there is only a single input device when querying AudioDeviceInfo.

Is it possible to modify the Android Things system image to expose the line in as inputs?


The Argon does feature a separate jack line in. Can someone confirm that the line in jack supports stereo audio? This is not entirely clear from the datasheet.

Is it also possible to access the line in with the Android Things framework?


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