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SD card file transfer via USB with lpc17xx

Question asked by Franco Bandini on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by Sebastian Hutten

Hi all,

I'm developing a board with the LPC1768 uC, with some peripherals and with one SD card.
Now I'm program with LPCXpresso on LPC1788 uC in "EA LPC1788 Eval Board PIC".
I have to write data into the SD card with uC (in a txt file) with the max transfer rate.
Then I have to read the SD card connecting a PC to the board by a USB connector.
Due to the enormous quantity of data stored in SD card after some days, I would transfer the data from SD card to PC at the maximun data rate.
I'd like to see my SD Card on my PC as "an external storage".
In other words when I insert USB cable (connecting my PC with the board), I'd like to see the SD Card as "an external hard disk", and see the files in sd card, without use teraterm or other terminal.
Is it possible with only LPC1768 uC or I should use an external USB controller to see on my PC the SD Card as an "external hard disk"?

Kind regards,
Franco Bandini.