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i.MX6UL EVK with Murata ZP integration

Question asked by Soumya KS on Feb 26, 2017
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I am using Murata ZP BCM4339 module with i.MX6ULEVK kit. The BCM driver is provided along with the Linux 4.1.15 that i am using. 

I have used the Murata Users Guide and got the BCM module up and running on the image provided by them which is Linux version 3.14.

But on the Linux 4.1.15, i get the following error when I modprobe the driver.  


root@imx6ulevk:~# ifconfig wlan0 up
Dongle Host Driver, version 1.141.92 (r)
Compiled in drivers/net/wireless/bcmdhd
wl_android_wifi_on in
mmc0: queuing unknown CIS tuple 0x80 (2 bytes)
mmc0: queuing unknown CIS tuple 0x80 (7 bytes)
mmc0: queuing unknown CIS tuple 0x80 (6 bytes)
F1 signature OK, socitype:0x1 chip:0x4339 rev:0x1 pkg:0x0
DHD: dongle ram size is set to 786432(orig 786432) at 0x180000
_dhdsdio_download_firmware: dongle image file download failed
dhd_net_bus_devreset: dhd_bus_devreset: -35
dhd_open : wl_android_wifi_on failed (-35)
wl_android_wifi_off in
dhd_prot_ioctl : bus is down. we have nothing to do
dhd_net_bus_devreset: dhd_bus_devreset: -35
ifconfig: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted
The BUS down error is seen even when I take the BCMDHD firmware images from the 3.14 and load it in 4.1.15.
My dts looks like this:
&iomuxc {
imx6ul-evk-murata-v2 {
pinctrl_wifi: wifigrp {
fsl,pins = <
Can anyone please tell where I might be going wrong?
Many Thanks in advance,