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Stuff error and Form error at the CANoe

Question asked by Kim JungHyun on Feb 26, 2017
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I have been trying to transmit CAN message but there have been 2 errors. Stuff error and Form error.

- message transmission : MCU -> Transceiver : error (I think) ,

                                         Transceiver -> CANoe : 2 errors(Stuff error, Form error)

What would be a problem?


■ MCU TX (PTC7, pin 51) : error (refer to yellow and red color)


■ Transceiver CAN high(pin 7) : error (refer to yellow and red color)


 ※ Other item of my company :

      - CAN frame is transmitted correctly (refer to yellow color which is CAN high at Transceiver)

      - You can see id, DLC, Data frame (refer to blue color)


■ Transceiver -> CANoe : 2 errors(Stuff error, Form error)


■ MCU : S32K144 (64pin)
  - CAN TX : 51pin (PTC7, CAN1_TX)
  - CAN RX : 52pin (PTC6, CAN1_RX)


■ Transceiver : TJA1057


■ Schematic (I attached it)

 - TRK-KEA 2014 Freescale

 - 8pin : connected to ground (set to low level)

 - 5pin : originally connected as above but now I opened this pin to check whether to work


■ Code (I attached it)




PINS_DRV_Init(NUM_OF_CONFIGURED_PINS, g_pin_mux_InitConfigArr);


FLEXCAN_DRV_Init(FSL_CANCOM1,&canCom1_State, &canCom1_InitConfig0);




     FLEXCAN_DRV_Send(FSL_CANCOM1, MB, &dataInfo, MSG_ID, &toggleLED);




■ And some questions

1. Can a clock configuration be a problem?

2. I need a code that transmit a message only one time

3. I checked the example project - CAN MASTER example. But CAN frame was not transmitted.

  - While this project was being executed, 'SendCANData()' was executed but CAN frame was not transmitted.

  - measured point : PTE(5) - CAN0_TX

  - package : I set both 100pin and 64pin but all that was not executed.

  - debuging picture (digital input works correctly. CAN transmission does not work)

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