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I have a question about my project

Question asked by zhijian yang on Feb 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by zhijian yang

Hi all,

      My project has 3 warnings at build time, with the following 3 warnings:

1.Overlap of the .rodata section and heap section. 

2.Overlap of the .rodata section and stack section. 

3.Specified length of memory directive 'internal_ram' was exceeded within section '.rodata': specified 0x00008000 but length is now 0x00024AD0. 



My IDE is codewarrior 10.7


In my project 150th a mpc5606S_DCU.c, when I comment the code above, the 3 warning did not have, and this code will appear above the 3 warning.

1.What do these 3 warnings mean? this 3 warning is how to produce?

3.How to eliminate these 3 warnings?


Attached is my project, thank you

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