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Problems with SDK 2.0 lwip demo

Question asked by whata on Feb 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by xiangjun.rong



I'm trying to expand the demo-application for SDK 2.0 (K66) SDK_2.0_K66\boards\frdmk66f\demo_apps\lwip\lwip_tcpecho\freertos with additional tasks, however when i attempt add a new task function an run the code, the additional task never executes. 


My tcpecho_init function looks like this


void tcpecho_init(void)
    sys_thread_new("tcpecho_thread", tcpecho_thread, NULL, TCPECHO_STACKSIZE, TCPECHO_PRIORITY);
    sys_thread_new("my_thread", my_thread, NULL, TCPECHO_STACKSIZE, TCPECHO_PRIORITY + 1);


and my my_thread functions is defined like this:

static void my_thread (void *arg) {

    while (1) {
        PRINTF("Hello from another task\r\n");

After executing the code with a debugger attached, my task list looks like this:


If I start `my_thread` before the `tcpecho_thread` both threads are visible in the task list


But the device does not respond when running `echotool /p tcp /r 7 /d hello`


Any pointers on what I am doing wrong?