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PN532 ISO 14443A-4 slow communication

Question asked by Christian Grenier on Feb 24, 2017
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I already sent this post few months ago, I hope to have an answer about the issue today.


I configured a PN532 as target and a PN512 as the initiator.  When I present the target in front of the initiator, it starts a NFC communication (data transfer).  But I noticed the PN512 receives the data few milliseconds too late and it's what I want to understand. 


I changed the code in order to send 17 bytes (See 17bytes... picture) from the target to the initator and it take more than 5 ms for the initiator to receive the data.  At 424 kbps for 17 bytes, it should take less than 1 ms to transfer.


The other picture (Communication issue.png) shows a bigger data transfer.  The PN532 is using chaining mode to transfer 64 bytes from the target to the initiator.  It takes around 10 ms for the PN512 to receive the 64 byte.  Again, from my perspective, it takes too long time to transfer the data. 


I'd like to know if it's possible for the PN532 or PN512 to transfer right away the data without latency?  I'd like to have an efficient communication when I need to send big data.


I hope to have an answer from you guys.  If you need more info, I can answer you!