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KW40Z bluetooth_address usage

Question asked by Lucian Firan on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by Jorge Antonio Alcala Vazquez

 KW40Z_Connectivity_Software_1.0.1 (KSDK_1.3.0); IAR 7.50;


How can be used gHardwareParameters.bluetooth_address in conjunction with gBDAddress_c ?



/* Hardware parameters */
hardwareParameters_t gHardwareParameters;


/* Public Device Address */
const uint8_t gBDAddress_c[6] = {BD_ADDR};


typedef PACKED_STRUCT hardwareParameters_tag
    uint8_t  bluetooth_address[6];     /* Bluetooth address */


something like making the same ROM region available from FREESCALE_PROD_DATA_BASE_ADDR ?

( last 1024Bytes of flash at the end of ROM address 0x00027C00 to 0x00027FFF )



  #if defined(__IAR_SYSTEMS_ICC__)
    #pragma location = "gBDAddress_ROM"
    uint8_t gBDAddress_c[6]
    uint8_t gBDAddress_c[6]  
= {BD_ADDR};




place at address mem: m_hp_bluetooth_address_start { section gBDAddress_ROM };


define symbol m_hp_bluetooth_address_offset = 42+8;  

define symbol m_hp_bluetooth_address_start = m_fsl_prodInfo_start + m_hp_bluetooth_address_offset;


Was was the intent of this data gHardwareParameters.bluetooth_address and how should be used ?