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How to clear EEE Nonvolatile Information register fields - MC9S12XET256

Question asked by Subash R on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by Subash R

I have partitioned the Dflash for emulation. DFPART:116, ERPART:1

Once partitioned, the information is not deleted.

I'm aware that it is stored in Global address, 0x12_0000 (as per table 25.7 in the controller datasheet - EEE Nonvolatile Information register fields). So on reset, these values are restored.

If I try to erase these values using command "Erase All Blocks Command - 0x08" or "Unsecure Flash Command - 0x0B", the ECU goes to Illegal break point. ie., it looks the code is erased.


Q1) How to clear the values in EEE Nonvolatile Information register fields without affecting the code?

Q2) What is use of commands "Set User Margin Level Command - 0x0D, Set Field Margin Level Command - 0x0E"? Can this commands help in blocking the erase of the program code (If it is deleted).

Q3) Can I erase the EEE IFR only on start up or during run time (in some scenario)