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How to interface to the CAN bus on the TWR-K22F120M Tower Board

Question asked by Mark Sample on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by Mark Sample

Hello, Looking to develop a new product based on an existing MCF5213 Coldfire design. The MCF5213 would be perfect except it is in Not Recommended for New Design status (NRND). Almost any Kinetis MCU with CAN would work but we would like to pick a main stream part with lots of the usual features so the MCU could be used in other product in the future. I though the K22 with CAN would be good but I can not figure out how to connect to the CAN bus on the Tower Board. I know there is a TWR-SER (Serial Module) with CAN but I dont see how the TWR-K22F120M  connects. Looks like the connections to the elevator cards are not there.


To make a long story short. I'm looking for a main stream general purpose Kinetis MCU with CAN that has the CAN bus accessible on a Freedom or Tower board. Any suggestions?