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Using K64/K24 Driver Examples on Custom Boards

Question asked by alexbodurka on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

If I want to take one of the Driver examples for the k64 Tower board (UART/CAN) and run it on my MK24 custom board what files would I need to change? Bare minimum only. Here is an explanation of what I’ve done so far.

  • Created a new project “test” using the built in Wizard in KDS.
    • File>New Kinetis SDK 2 project >processors MK24FN1M0xxx12
    • Selected All Drivers and no RTOS
  • Created clock_config and pin_mux files using the MCUXpresso tool online
    • Copied those into my new “test” project
  • Copied the board and application code from the driver example to the “test” project
    • C:\SDK_2.1_MK24FN1M0xxx12\boards\twrk64f120m\driver_examples\uart\interrupt\board.c
    • C:\SDK_2.1_MK24FN1M0xxx12\boards\twrk64f120m\driver_examples\uart\interrupt\board.h
      • commented out non UART related #defines
    • C:\SDK_2.1_MK24FN1M0xxx12\boards\twrk64f120m\driver_examples\uart\interrupt\uart_interrupt.c
      • main() located here