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Configure attribute reporting for end device

Question asked by Jainil Shah on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by lucas ip
Hi All,
We are working with NXP JN5179 DK0005 devkit.
We are having some problems while testing configure attribute response (Config Rprt command) for end device (E.g. Bulb) by issuing command from Coordinator. I have configured ON/OFF attribute (ON/OFF cluster) for reporting with Bulb. But I am not able to get notification (attribute response/report) when attribute (ON/OFF) value changes by turning ON/OFF bulb.
We are using "DR1175 LED Bulb Device" that comes along with Dev Kit for the experiments and ZGWUI (Windows GUI Tool) for issuing command to end device.


Can you please help us in understanding configure attribute response process with NXP JN5179 DK0005 Kit? 
Thanks in Advance!