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Low Pass Filter Question. (SensorFusion Library 7.0)

Question asked by Dav Jo on Feb 23, 2017
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I want to use a only accelerometer. So I am using a Function : "fRun_3DOF_G_BASIC"


My Question is :

fRun_3DOF_G_BASIC has a LPF Function "fLPFOrientationQuaternion"

and the rotation matrix should convert into Quaternion for Low pass filter.


is it impossible that Rotation matrix has Low pass filter directly without converting Quaternion??

Why they go through the step 1, 3   bearing the loss of time



step 1 : fQuaternionFromRotationMatrix

step 2 : fLPFOrientationQuaternion

step 3 : fRotationMatrixFromQuaternion

step 4 : fNEDAnglesDegFromRotationMatrix