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QT 5.8 / IMX6

Question asked by shani on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by gusarambula



We are working on a custom board designed around IMX6 DL processor. Our application development is going to be based around QT.


The BSP that we installed last year from NXP in April/May 2016 time frame had QT 5.5.1 support built in.


1. Does anybody know what QT version is supported in the latest BSP, i.e. the one that was released later last year?


2. The latest QT release is version 5.8. If we were intending to use that version on our platform, is there anyway to use that? Do we have to perform any custom port exercise?


3. QT official documentation mentions "QT 5.8 for device creation". Has anybody tried that on IMX6 DL platform?