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LS1021A-IOT Boot from QSPI Flash

Question asked by Constantin Ostrovsky on Feb 23, 2017


We are using LS1021A-IOT and SDK 1.8 as a prototype for our product. Everything is working properly when we are using a sd-card for boot and run application. But I cannot boot from the QSPI Flash. I use a the rcw_1000_qspiboot_swap.bin from “build_ls1021aiot_release/tmp/deploy/images/ls1021aiot/rcw/ls1021aiot/”  as PLB. . I changed in /meta-fsl-arm/conf/machine/ls1021aiot.conf  UBOOT_CONFIG ??= "sdcard" to UBOOT_CONFIG ??= "qspi" and built an u-boot-ls1021aiot-2014.07-r0.bin as

  1. bitbake -c cleansstate u-boot

   2. bitbake -c compile -f u-boot

   3. bitbake u-boot


I swapped the u-boot-ls1021aiot-2014.07-r0.bin by byte_swap.tcl <  >  8.

I copied the rcw_1000_qspiboot_swap.bin to QSPI Flash from address 0.

I copied the swapped u-boot to QSPI Flash from address 0x10000.


 After it I changed state of SW2-1 to ‘on” (boot from QSPI Flash) and reset the evaluation board.

I cannot see any message on a terminal. 


How I can to build an u-boot image for LS1021A-IOT for boot from QSPI Flash?


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