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Ramdisk Deployment from TFTP

Question asked by Cengizhan Yapicioglu on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by Cengizhan Yapicioglu

In my project I use t1024rdb which has power pc architecture.I created a new yocto layer and add a simple helloworld.c code to it and I call "bitbake fsl-image-core" and all the things are done truely.After that,I want to see my output and insert my image to t1024rdb.For this purpose,I took help from "QorIq sdk v1.8 Infocenter.pdf" and in this document the booting up step for T1024 is as follows:


2. Booting Up the System
Execute the following commands to TFTP the images to the board, then boot into Linux.
=>tftp 1000000 <uImage_name>
=>tftp 5000000 fsl-image-core-<platform>.ext2.gz.u-boot
=>tftp 2000000 <platform_dtb_name>
=>bootm 1000000 5000000 2000000
Now the board will boot into Linux using the images generated by Yocto Project.


For this purpose,I use OpenTFTPServer.

For =>tftp 1000000 <uImage_name> I use "uImage-t1024rdb-64b.bin" 

and for => tftp 5000000 fsl-image-core-<platform>.ext2.gz.u-boot I use fsl-image-core-t1024rdb-64b .ext2.gz.u-boot


But I can not find <platform_dtb_name>.Is it uImage-t1024rdb-64b.dtb?or something else?


Another thing is,I can not see my helloworld.c output when I complete this steps.I want it to see it's correctly loaded?Is there somewhere in Yocto to write this for seeing output in Terraterm?

For these I also make

=>setenv bootargs ‘root=/dev/ram rw console=ttyS0,115200 ramdisk_size=10000000 log_buf_len=128K’
=>saveenv this settings.

Thanks for your answer.

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