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imx6dl - ddr3 issues.

Question asked by Theo Debrouwere on Feb 23, 2017



I have a custom design with a imx6dl, combined with 4 * 2Gbit DDR3 ram

Samsung K4B2G1646F-BCK0, running as DDR3-800.



I generated timings

* using the I.MX6DQSDL DDR3 Script Aid V0.10 document

* reading data sheets & calculating the register contents (attached)


I've been trying to obtain additional settings with the DDR_Tester application. (ddr_stress_tester_v2.60)


However, the tool always ends with the following issue.

Starting DQS gating calibration

*** snip ***
ERROR FOUND, we can't get suitable value !!!!
dram test fails for all values.

Error: failed during ddr calibration


It seems that the first part (Write level HW calibration) runs fine.


I've search the forum, and I noticed that there are others with similar problems.

I've tried several things (like increasing WALAT), but without any results.

I also tried several boards, all of them have the same problem.


Any idea what could be wrong? Is one of my settings wrong? Hardware failure?

Anything that I can try next?

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