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Cold Boot Crash at .925V VDDARM_IN level

Question asked by ALAN MILLER on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by igorpadykov

We had an issue with i.MX6 automotive quad core crashing during boot but only when cold (a few boot crashed as warm as 10C to 15C) and when VDDARM_CAP dropped from 1.2V (792MHz) to .925V (assume 396Mhz while IO was being set up).  Also crashes during the same .925V condition on power down.


Found that reducing VDDARM_IN and VDDSOC_IN voltages from 1.475V to 1.3V have significantly lowered the temperature at which crashes occur.   


I'm not sure this fixes the issue correctly since the condition for VDD_CACHE_CAP must be less than 200mV above VDDARM_CAP is violated with either VDDARM_IN supply level during the crash periods (when LDO is at .925V).    


Why is reducing the VDDARM_IN and VDDSOC_IN input levels making a difference at the temperature that the boot crashes occur?


Appreciate any insight into why this works or other ways to address the issue.


Alan M