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KMA210 Angular Sensor - How to program user-specific adjustments? (request for software example)

Question asked by Stoyko Dimitrov on Feb 22, 2017
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Dear NXP Support Community,


I request a source code example for programming KMA210 in C language. I request help in programming KMA210. I think that I have done everything as per the datasheep specification, however I can not even enter command mode for some reason. I am trying to program KMA210 with Arduino Uno, however I am unable to do so. For some reason my code does not work. I am attaching my source code OneWireTest.ino that does not work and also another source code for Arduino which I have found in github - that also does not work. Meanwhile I have found the following thread in your support community of a person that is also having troubles programming KMA210 - So it seems that programming KMA210 is not so trivial. Could you please tell me what am I and the person from github and the person from the above link from your support community missing? What are we all missing? it seems that we are all missing something that is probably blurred and/or misunderstood in KMA210's specification. Could you please send me a source code on C language with examples for entering in command mode as well as examples for writing and reading commands, please?


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Stoyko Dimitrov

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