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Do any one has J1939 stack to work on CAN2.0 Module. Kindly help. I am working on LPC11c24 series controller to capture sensor data and broadcast it on CAN bus using J1939 protocol. I am ne to this protocol. Pl help

Question asked by sridharan j on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by 勇 纪

I am working on LPC11C24 micro controller, I need to broadcast few sensor data on CAN bus using J1939 protocol. I need to know if NXP has J1939 stack drivers. 

Some of the activity J1939 need to carry out are mentioned below:


Dynamic Address Claim support⁽¹⁾

Source Address change :PGN 0xFED8

Software version  :PGN 0xFEDA

Hardware version :PGN 0xFEEB

Broadcast Status Message :PGN 0xFFXX

Changing Status PGN values

SPN ⁽¹⁾

Configurable Massage Rate

Checksum calculation