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PDB Error on AFE and SAR ADC Sampling Process

Question asked by Martin Zhang on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by xiangjun.rong


My project basic information as below:


MCU:    KM34Z256

Three channel AFE channels used for current sampling

Three channel SAR ADC used for the voltage sampling


Use AFE and SAR ADC to sampling three phase AC current and voltage 

Sampling process like below figure: Using AFE CH0 COCO to trigger the PDB module and PDB module to trigger the SAR ADC module.




Normally the process works well. But in debug mode, if I stop the MCU to check some values, then start again (not reset the MCU), sometime the SAR ADC seems not triggered any more, the SAR ADC result is not changed. But the AFE three channels work well. And there is an error in PDB module.

My question is:

1. How to avoid this error happen

2. If this error occurred, how to restore the PDB or SAR ADC?