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QE8 SPI slave does not transmit data to master

Discussion created by Carlos Rodriguez on Jul 22, 2008
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Dear community,
I've been developing a SPI slave application using the QE8, so far I haven't been able to make the QE8 slave transmit data to the master, the master does trasmit the first "command" byte and then a blank byte just to clock the bus and get the byte out of the slave but it doesn't work. I know my master code is not bad because I'm using the same one to read other SPI devices.
I've read a couple fo threads in this forums regarding SPI_slave bugs but those are for the HSC12, the same fix didn't work for my case.
My application code is the following (using interrupts):
void interrupt SPI_RX_isr (void)
 byte temp;
 temp = SPIS;  /* Read the SPI Status and Control Register (required to acknowledge interrupt) */
 temp = SPID; /* Read of SPDR to complete the interrupt acknowledgement.
    if (temp & READ_FLAG) {
      switch (temp) {
        case GXP_HITS_ACUM_L:
          SPID = (byte) g_hits;
          temp = SPID;
        case GXP_HITS_ACUM_H:
          SPID = (byte) (g_hits >> 8);
          temp = SPID;
          SPID = 0;
    } // if (temp & READ_FLAG)
What I read all the time is the same byte the master srote to the slave, so it seems like the slave cannot modify the SPID register... When I step-by-step my code, the SPID = X assignment doesn't do a thing with the SPID memory location (address 0x2D).
An observation I made is that the SPIS_SPTEF flag never gets set, could this be related to my bug? (if it is it will be a HW bug)
Has somebody made the SPI slave work on a HCS08?
Kindest Regards,

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