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KL17Z256 overconsumption in I2C communication

Question asked by Javier Martin on Feb 21, 2017
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We are working on a TAG by using kl17Z256 and MMA8451 components. We use a very small battery so we are interested in the very low power modes. We have tested the micro modes and all is ok (@ 8Mhz / 1MHz: RUN = 1300 uA, VLPR = 360uA, VLPW = 270uA, VLPS = 2.5uA, VLLS1 = 0.7uA), as well as MMA works correctly.
The problem is in the I2C communication, the 4.7 Kohm pullups consumes lot of current, so they have been remplaced for 1Mohm resistors. However the consumption of the micro in the communication, working in VLPR, is still very high (750 uA). We expected a consumption of about 360 uA.
Is this overconsumption due to the I2C module? Is there any way to reduce it?


Thank you very much and greetings ...