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For save power--about STOP mode and KBI-MC13213

Discussion created by who who on Jul 22, 2008
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Hi all:
  I'm using CodeWarrior6.1 and MC13213(HCS08).
  I would like to get a answer from you.My problem as follows:
  "The KBI(keyboard interrupt) will be disable if HCS08 turn into the STOP1 or STOP2 mode,but in STOP3 mode, the KBI is enable",is it Right about above description??
  Currently,I add some codes as below for going into the STOP1 mode,add up to 7 lines:

#define ENTER_LOW_POWER _asm stop
#define MCU_STOP3_MODE()    SPMSC2 = 0x04; ENTER_LOW_POWER;        
#define MCU_STOP2_MODE()   SPMSC2 = 0x07;ENTER_LOW_POWER;                    
#define MCU_STOP1_MODE()    SPMSC2 = 0x06; ENTER_LOW_POWER; 
//.enter STOP1...

But then,I press the button on PCB,it still can trigger the KBI and light one LED.Why??
My aim is save power.
Maybe any register hadn't been config successfully,please give me some hints.
Thanks and best regards,