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CTS test "testRefreshRate" failed

Question asked by Raxesh Oriya on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by Bio_TICFSL


I am running into an issue i.e. fps(frames per second) is getting reduced to almost half in case of both IPUs are in active state simultaneously.


Issue Description :

I am using i.mx6Dual (MCIMX6D5EYM10AC) SoC. As per our requirement we are using two displays with this SoC. 1st display is connected to LVDS0 interface and routed by IPU2(second IPU) whereas 2nd display is connected to parallel interface through THC63LVDM83E which converts 28bits of CMOS/TTL data into LVDS data stream and routed by IPU1(first IPU).


When I run cts test i.e. testRefreshRate which tests fps, I get 31 fps, hence it gets failed because required fps is 60.


As one fellow suggested in this community, By Disabling LDB support by commenting out following lines from hwc_display.cpp, I am able to get 60 fps but my 2nd display is not working that means IPU1 bocomes disabled as my 2nd display is routed through IPU1.


else {
ALOGI("fb%d is %s device", i, value);
pInfo->type = HWC_DISPLAY_LDB;
pInfo->connected = true;


Does one IPU clock(pixel clock) affect the another one?