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SPC5777M not working standalone

Question asked by Thangavel Ponnusamy on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by Martin Kovar

We are developing firmware using MPC5777M-416DS development board. Following are the tool sets:

1. IDE - S32 Design Studio

2. Debugger: PE Micro USB Multilink Universal Fx 

3. Board : MPC5777M-416DS development board


The board loaded with PPC5777M microcontroller(shipped with Development board) works fine both stand alone and with debugger tool. As the Development board comes with BGA socket, We can change microcontrollers. We loaded SPC5777M microcontroller into Development board. The board is working fine during debugging session. After debugging session, Development Board loaded with SPC5777M microcontroller did not work standalone. Otherside, PPC5777M microcontroller works fine both standalone and during debugging.


We used "MPC5777M-PinToggleStationery-S32DS" project from NXP to ensure problem is not because of our code. same problem exists for the NXP code too. Our production board is already soldered with SPC5777M microcontroller. So we need to make our code working with  SPC5777M microcontroller. That board too works well with debugger but not standalone.


What could be the problem?

1. any limitation with SPC5777M microcontroller?

2. any mismatch between Startup code generated by S32 Design Studio and SPC5777M microcontroller

3.  any compatibility issue between PE Micro USB Multilink Universal Fx debugger, SPC5777M microcontroller and S32 Design Studio