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Help with different problems on two B4860QDS boards

Question asked by Morgan Hughes on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by Morgan Hughes

Hi all,


I'm working on a project using the StarCore DSPs on B4860.  We have two B4860QDS boards (SCH-27234 REV C1 / 700-27234 REV H), NDA in place for documentation, and a current floating license for StarCore CodeWarrior.  CW on both Win 7 64 development PCs is v10.9.0 updated to SP3.


Each board seems to have a (different) problem which is hindering progress, and which I'd like some help in resolving.  I don't have an external TAP to work with, but both boards' eCWTAP have been upgraded to v1.0.4 using CCS and the instructions in this thread:

Board A (SN 35185-12) has an eCWTAP accessible via USB, but its MAC address is all zeroes and IP access doesn't work.  IP is preferable to USB as my main CW installation is running in a VM, and IP passes through more reliably than USB.  The board has otherwise tested ok over USB and is currently being shipped to my lab.  My question is whether and how I can program a MAC address in my lab and restore IP access, but I can't troubleshoot further until it arrives later this week.


Log (from before update to v1.0.4):
  (bin) 2 % findcc cwtaps -verbose
  {amphisbaena} FSL000000 (00:00:00:00:00:00:1087):
    Main Board          = Embedded CodeWarrior TAP (0)   {0x0 0x0}
    Probe Tip           = Power Architecture JTAG/COP    {0x8}
    Firmware            = Boot Loader                    {0.9.2}
    Firmware            = Operating System               {1.0.1}

Board B (SN 32944-047) has an eCWTAP accessible via both USB and IP, but attempting to run code on it fails with the message "CCS: Core not supported."  All switches and jumpers are set to the defaults in the Quick Start Guide (B4860QDSHGS Rev.A2).


LEDs after running the CCS commands below are:

  • eCWTAP LEDs: D1 flashing green, D2 solid red or amber
  • B4860 LEDs: LD2, LD4, LD9, LD10, LD15, and LD17 solid green.


The Quick Start Guide says LD2 means HRESET is asserted, so I'm assuming that's what's blocking me.  The J10 PRESET jumper is open and I can't find any more details on what would hold HRESET asserted.  Pressing the PRST button blinks LD1, so I don't think that's stuck.  Powering the board up I get nothing on the console, no U-boot or Linux, which seems consistent with the PA cores being held in reset.  


Following the instructions in the linked thread I get the expected JTAG ID results from running scanboard:
  TDO -----
          * Device 0  IDCODE: 1192001D  Device: FSL B4420/B4860 rev 2.x
  TDI -----


Running the t4amp commands I get a timeout error:
  (bin) 13 % dele a
  (bin) 14 % config cc cwtap:
  (bin) 15 % show cc
  0: CodeWarrior TAP (cwtap: CC software ver. {0.0}
  (bin) 16 % ::ccs::config_server 0 1000
  (bin) 17 % ::ccs::config_chain t4amp
  T4AMP SoC: Scan timeout
  (bin) 18 % ::ccs::all_run_mode
  t4amp: Debug Mode
  (bin) 19 %
  (bin) 19 % ::ccs::config_chain b4860
  B4860: Scan timeout
  (bin) 20 %

Board B is currently in my lab and I can troubleshoot further.  I'd like to isolate whether this failed hardware, in which case we can start the process to repair/replace, or a configuration problem I haven't found the documentation for.  


Thanks in advance.