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BLE heart rate sensor - hardfault

Question asked by kajac Employee on Feb 20, 2017
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The question created by Thibault Richard:


Hello Karel,


I am working on the heart rate BLE demo and I have a problem. At first I could program the demo and try it successfully.

Since then each time I run the demo (using debug or run profile) the demo always crashes in hardfault after startup. Trying to step in the code, I can see that the first clock init in board_initadc (clock_enableclock call) immediately runs in hardfault, cannot even step in the function.

I tried removing the project, reinstalling the connectivity pack, recloning a fresh project... I always have this hardfault since then.

On the other end, using beacon demo is always working!!


Is it a bug from heart rate demo? I am using connectivity pack 1.0.2. Am I doing something wrong?


Do you know how to fix it?



Best regards.
Thibault Richard