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IMXQP SD Boot Issue

Question asked by Kishor R on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by igorpadykov

We are observing SD Boot Issue on IMX6QP based custom hardware board. We have the below

SD BOOT Configuration
SRC_SBMR1(0x020d8004) = 0x00001040
SRC_SBMR2(0x020d801c) = 0x12000001


On POR, SD boot is not happening.


But when we boot from eMMC, run "mmc dev 1" the SD card returns the message: "Card did not respond to voltage select"

At this time if we plug out the SD card and plug in and execute "mmc dev 1" the SD cards gets detected.

After the card is detected if we reset the board (not POR) after installing jumpers for SD boot we could see SD boot working.

But if we do POR the SD boot is not working.


Based on this behavior we are suspecting that ROM code is unable to access the SD card for some reason?

Appreciate if anyone have any inputs on this issue.