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CodeWarrior Flash Programmer License

Question asked by Justin Jonas on Feb 20, 2017

I have a valid evaluation license which shows up when I open the 'Freescale Licenses' window in CodeWarrior.

I am trying to run the Flash Programmer using gdb, and I get the following errors:


(gdb) source ../../gdb_extensions/flash/
Starting flash programmer services...
Starting local server...
Successfully started gdb server
Set gdb remote timeout to 7200
Connecting to target...
Using LS1012A SoC
Using CWTAP connected to local usb port
Using jtag speed 16000
Connecting to probe...
GTA: license checkout failed.
connection failed
Target connection failed. Please re-check the settings.

Processor: LS1012A
Probe: CodeWarrior TAP
Additional error details:
[GTA: license checkout failed]

Closing debugger server...
Error: fail to start flash programming services.


Can anyone help me to fix this issue?

Thanks for your help!