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GDB lock file/attribute

Question asked by J Stark on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by Erich Styger

I'm using KDS-3.2.0 under 64-bit Linux (Linux Mint 17.3, based upon Ubuntu 14.04.1) to develop for a MK22DX128 board of my own design, using a P & E Multilink Universal adapter. As of a few days ago, progress was good, however I've hit a snag which I cannot resolve. When I attempt to launch a debug session, I see the following message: "Failed to launch GDB server. Please check that another instance of pegdbserver_console.exe is not running." I've searched the process table for any instance of gdb to confirm that there is no such process running. Rebooting the computer has also not been effective in resolving the problem. I presume that a lock file or file attribute has been created somewhere which must been removed in order to move forward, however I've so far been completely unsuccessful in locating the offending data element.


This issue appears to be identical to that reported in <MPC5748G Flash Problem >. The last message in that thread indicated that the problem was similar to one described in a different thread, however I find no resolution there. The referenced thread concerned difficulties in the Windows environment, in any case.


  Any assistance in getting my project back on track would be appreciated. To be clear, I've had no issues establishing communication with the board, programming the flash or making my program code work until I lost the ability to launch the debugger.