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Kinetis instruction set

Question asked by Mateusz Mazurek on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by Alice_Yang


I have problem with instruction set in "my" project.

The main thing is that most of my program should be compiled in Toolchain but there is few files that needs ARM (because of some interrupts I gues)

I found how to do this but in makefile and Kinestis do not generate it: 


I add some screenshots of the project and errors I get

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P.S. The project had been done by someone else on some old version of Code Warrior  (I don't know which) and It was said to be ok but after some update it's stops to compile (I've tried on 10.4 and it don't work). I get it on university with words "make it works" (the teacher don't know how to repair it, only what he found with me is this instruction set)