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MPC5674f SPI DSPI_POPR register

Question asked by Maycon Kruger on Feb 20, 2017

Hi, I am currently developing one application to read from a external spi memory (code anexed).


I've configured DSPI module as SPI, and disabled  TX/RX FIFO's(on the SPI_Init function).


The problem is when I first try to read from DSPI_POPR register I get only 0 as the returned value. But the second time I try reading the DSPI_POPR I get the expected value which as stored in the  external memory. So, I dont understand why do I have to read DSPI_POPR register twice to get the expected value.


I also had to use the ROOE flag from DSPI_MCR register, otherwise the data received by DSPI_POPR =0

MPC5674F_REG_DSPI_A.MCR.B.ROOE = 1;        //why is this overflow flag necessary???

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