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how can i use PTU to trigger  ADC?  i want to  get DC current

Question asked by XIANG XU on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by XIANG XU

I use the S12ZVMC128 chip, and i want to PTU to trigger  ADC , then get DC current.

But when i set  ADC CommandList  as shown  below ,   (0xD0 is the channel of DC current) , the results in ADCResultList  are different.(DC current is constant.)

what's more, if i don't use the module as shown below ,the results of DC current   I get    are   zero.

The code file is in the attachment.

could you help me and check the code file,find the bug . 

by the way ,could you tell me how can i use PTU to trigger  ADC , which registers should i pay more attention?