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Where can I find a reference manual for LPC17xx ?

Question asked by Denis Obrebski on Feb 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by soledad

Hello Guys,


I have bought a LPCXPRESSO1769 with cmsis-dap from embedded artists and I already spend a few days of research.


As always I wanted to start blinking the onboard RGB LED. I already managed to acces the correct registers with the library "lpc17xx.h" and toggle the appropriate pins with an example I have found online.

Before I go any further I really want to understand what I am doing.

The example uses the following registers and syntax:


LPC_PINCON->PINSEL7 = 0x000000;

LPC_GPIO3->FIODIR = 0xffffffff;


In the user manual UM10360 I can find the defintion of the PINSEL register and the function of FIODIR and the definition of the PIN CONTROL MODULE. But nowhere the syntax "LPC_PINCON->..." or "LPC_GPIO[n]->" is used. So how do I know what syntax to use in which situation? For me as a beginner the "lpc17xx.h" does not really help me. So what I am searching for is a reference manual with detailed syntax explanation.

I also tried to find such a manual for the LPCOpen libraries with no luck.


Can anybody give me a hint?

Your help is very much appreciated!


Best regards,