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JN5179 ZigBee Binding

Question asked by Jainil Shah on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by layengchan
Hi All,


We are working with NXP JN5179 DK0005 devkit for one of our projects.
We are having some problems while implementing End Device Binding (E.g. Bulb with Switch) by issuing bind command to Coordinator. We are using "DR1175 LED Bulb Device" and "DR1199 Dimmer Switch Device" that comes along with Dev Kit for the Binding experiments and ZGWUI (Windows GUI Tool) for issuing Binding command to Coordinator.
We want to implement GUI based Binding where user can remotely select multiple Light Nodes along with Dimmer Switch Device from GUI and send this commands to Coordinator. Once the command is received by coordinator, the coordinator should issue binding commands to all the light nodes and the switch node to perform the Binding operation.

We would like to inform that we successfully tried "user initiated" method of binding the light node with Dimmer switch which involves "physical user intervention" with end devices. (E.g. Pressing & holding GPIO4 switch along with SW2 buttons on the Dimmer Switch and Light Node devices). However, we don't want to use the method which involves physical user intervention with End Devices.


Can you please help us in understanding and implement this binding process with NXP JN5179 DK0005 Kit?
It would be highly appreciated if you can provide step-by-step method along with Practical example.


Thanks in Advance!