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P&E Mirco (gdb) debug error " No source available: 0x10" with MPC5744p + Diab compiler + S32D IDE

Question asked by he yao on Feb 19, 2017

Development Environment:


Compiler + Linker : WindRiver Diab Compiler v5.9.4.0 (dcc + dld)

IDE: S32 Design Studio  for PowerPC V1.0

Debugger: P&E USB multilink (GDB server)


I creat a test project, build with no errors, but while I download the code to the MCU and begin debug, the debugger display error: No source available : 0x10, the MCU even not run to the _start.

Original Attachment has been moved to: Diab_mpc5744_test_vle.rar