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TWR-K60 Board + Simulink

Question asked by Armend Gecaj on Feb 18, 2017

Hi all,


i am trying to toggle some LED's on my TWR-K60 board with Simulink.

I already designed some drivers so i can control LED's and push buttons and something like that.


Now i have to download my Simulink Modell on my board. But Simulink have no hardware support for the TWR-K60 Board.

There is a hardware support for the FRDM-K64F Board but that's not my board.


Have someone experience with Simulink Embedded Coder?

How can i get my Simulink Modell on my TWR-K60 Board without the hardware support from simulink?


For the FRDM-K64F you will find this one:



For the TWR-K60 you will find nothing. Look at this:


Best Regards