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[MPC5744P] Ecc Event Err

Question asked by UWin F on Feb 17, 2017

i'm using data flash(0x00800000-0x00817fff) as eeprom,  i want to ask if i read somthing form data flash and get the C55FMC_MCR.EER bit set, the value i read are sure to be all ff?

for example:

      value =*( (unsigned int*)0x00800000)   //at the same time C55FMC_MCR.EER change from 0-->1

then the value read are 0xffffffff? Is that sure?


At the same time if i read the data flash and find that the value!=0xffffffff, can i be sure that the C55FMC_MCR.EER  didn't set?


Thank you very much!